Read the Molecular Therapy article entitled The State of Gene Therapies, biology homework help

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September 12, 2021
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September 12, 2021


Read the Molecular Therapy article entitled, “The State of Gene Therapies: The FDA Perspective found here then briefly describe your understanding of gene therapy technology. Next take stance as to whether or not you think genetic therapy is dangerous when using human clinical trials. Justify your response.

Below; Please respond to my classmates response to the following question below:

  • Explain in 100 to 250 words the science behind why human eyes come in so many colors. Next briefly discuss your understanding of Mendelian and non-Mendelian patterns of inheritance then describe how human eye color can be determined in relation to patterns of inheritance.
  • 2.

    The reason why people’s eyes come in so many colors is that there are different gene characteristics in everyone that govern what color eyes, hair and everything will be. In some people, they have a dominant gene from one parent that may be for blue eyes, a recessive gene from another parent that may be for brown eyes, but that parent has a dominant gene for blue as well and possibly another recessive for green eyes. Therefore, when it comes down to the child he or she will come out with the Blue eyes possibly because of the dominant genes. Gregory Mendel correlates this to the study of plants which express similar characteristics as far as if there is a pink flower and white flower pollinates the pink one the offspring may be pink, pink and white or white. The Mendelian pattern of Inheritance is looking at the break down of these flowers. The dominant genotypes are what we see as the phenotype and is expressed. The recessive portion of the genes are there but will carry on and could possibly be expressed in the child’s child or later down the line.

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