read this and put it in your own words

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December 6, 2022
Case Study Paper
December 6, 2022

read this and put it in your own words

My Interview was conducted at the Baylor Scott & White Alcohol and Drug Dependency Treatment Program (ADDTP) is designed to help chemically dependent people in and around Central Texas learn how to stop their destructive use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.  This Treatment Program is designed as an outpatient program that provides rehabilitation services after working hours.  The five week ADDTP rehabilitation program provides services four evenings a week; allowing participants to continue to work during the day and attend group therapy, individual therapy and educational sessions in the evenings.  Patient’s family members/friends are encouraged to attend the weekly family night to better understand the nature of addiction and their roles in the process of recovery (Brown, 2014).

I felt really confident with the meet and greet process: introducing myself and identifying the purpose of my visit/intentions.  All staff including the interviewee was very warm and welcoming.  Being prepared prior to the interview allowed for more confidence as well as being able to communicate off script to ensure that the visit was not perceived as some sort of a clinical study.  All discussions and answers seem to flow quite naturally as if it was just an average conversation amongst colleges and not forced.

My interviewee was quite comfortable with validating her roles and responsibilities within the department.  She vividly discussed that she is responsible for the rehabilitation services being provided, manages personnel and fiscal resources to accomplish program goals and objectives in compliance with federal and state policies and procedures (Brown, 2014).  Reviews case files to assure program quality, effectiveness, and efficiency in compliance with Baylor Scott & White’s policy and procedures with program accreditation standards, as well as their state licensing requirements (Brown, 2014).  The interviewee disclosed that the Alcohol Drug and Dependency Treatment Program facility is licensed in the state of Texas in which it operates and is accredited by the joint commission (Brown, 2014).  It was also disclosed that the Baylor Scott and White Dependency Clinic Professionals possess LADC (licensed alcohol and drug counselor), LPC (licensed professional counselor), CAC (certified addiction counselor), CCPD (certified co-occurring disorders counselors), and BS (bachelors of Science) (Brown, 2014).

When discussing views on professional ethics and integrity it was revealed by the interviewee that the code of ethics and integrity must be transparent at all times to ensure that all rules are being enforced not to violate any HIPPA laws, rules, and/or regulations.  It is important to ensure that the patient’s privacy is always protected at all times (Brown, 2014).

The disclosure of greatest challenges and rewards within the interviewee’s chosen career path was very inspiring of its findings; the interviewee was very open that she had worked with law enforcement for many years privately as well as helping the Baylor Scott & White Health corporation develop the Alcohol and Drug Dependency Treatment Program (ADDTP) from inception to what it is today (Brown, 2014).  She is very passionate about helping others who suffer from such addictions as well as disclosing that one of her own personal family members suffered horrific experiences with such addictions that ultimately was the demise of his destruction (Brown, 2014).  The challenges was seeing people just entering the program to prevent prison convictions and being able to identify those who were going to start using again just as soon as they completed the program (Brown, 2014).  She did discuss that she was able to assist some by encouraging inpatient program treatment centers when she was able to get the patient to realize that continuous use would only lead to more destruction unless they were fully committed (Brown, 2014).

The interviewee did interrupt my scripted questions and mentioned to me without me even asking a particular question that I had already prepared; she prompted me about the school I was attending and to make sure that it was an accredited university as well as ensuring that it would be in line with my chosen career path (Brown, 2014).  As this was one of my closing questions; I allowed for her to take the lead on this question and assured her I would follow up again with my academic counselor, and that this was one of the most important factors that I was researching when I chose the university that I was currently attending as well as when I decided to make a change within my degree choice (ARGOSY, 2015).  With the interviewee being able to offer me advices allowed for a very warm closing of our interview, since I discovered how passionate she was with wanting to help others.   

Reflecting back on the interview I was able to realize that my chosen focus with being in Human Resource Management is definitely the right chose for me and since being experienced in psychology is part of the bachelors of Science in Human Resource Management program my efforts have not been in vain. 

Since the interview questions were prepared for a career field that I would not be engaging in the near future I was able to identify weaknesses conducted within my interview such as I felt I was being a little vague, intrusive, and generalizing the attributes of the profession that I chose to explore for my interview assignment.  As this might not be the case but just simply a generalization of my own perception; I can see where it might be difficult to probe in such topics/areas that I am not familiar with.  To overcome this I should be open to exploring others career choices without preconceived notions that I may be any type of expert and allow these type of opportunities to strengthen my interview skills going forward for both future job interviews and applying these attributes within my current management styles (Doyle, 2015).

I would identify my strengths as being open minded, self-confident, and the ability to cope under any circumstance (Doyle, 2015).  These strengths I feel are already established within my current skill sets within the longevity of my managerial experiences that I currently possess, but with that being said it is important to be mindful that these skills are integrated when going forward with pursuing a different type of career outside of my depths and/or don’t fully understand when settling into my new career path

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