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Read¬†Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues, Case 1, p. 173 and compose an 800-word written analysis in which you identify the…
December 8, 2022
**KIM WOODS** Research-Based Interventions on Eating Disorders and the Paraphilias
December 8, 2022

Virtual World is a computer-based online community environment that is designed and shared by individuals so that they can interact in a custom-built, simulated world. If I ever woke up to the virtual world, it would be a very difficult for me. I can imagine the world with no outside physical contact with other people that will be lonely and very depressing. Human face to face is also very important. Face to face interaction will allows you to communicate other people in many different ways that is so impossible to do on-line. Feeling, emotions, physical expressions can also be highly evaluated through face to face interaction. I really do believe that Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram is a awesome thing because it allows you to reach out to your family members and friends that are very far away from you. Somehow, I really doesn’t believe that the virtual world change our personalities. We are who we are. The virtual world allows you to have the opportunities to alter our identities or possible other identity that is not completely true. An example of misconception when people make up these fake profiles claiming to be honest with you, hardworking, respectful knowledgeable plumber but actually he is a scam con-artist out there waiting to rob you, or get into you home. Technology is great thing that is some of the time used for bad or wrong doing. Somehow i don’t think that a total ban on Technology is very much needed. We just really just need to to education our youth on the importance of being careful while on-line, but important Face to face interaction is.

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