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In left ventricular systole, which chambers of the heart are contracting and which are filling with blood?
December 8, 2022
What causes a kidney infection?
December 8, 2022

I prefer face to face for the most part, but I personally do not behave different online than I do face to face. However I do feel that I am more comfortable online sometimes; than I am face to face. I think it is easier to strike up a conversation online than it is face to face with someone that you do not know. It is great to have access to a virtual world but I also feel that it takes a lot of fun out of life sometimes. I remember when there was not as much technology; especially when I was growing up; plus things were a lot more sociable than they are now. When I first started getting introduced to technology and the ability to communicate with multiple people without having to be directly in front of them or speak to them on the telephone, I thought it was so amazing. 

However, it is good to be able to see what is going on without leaving the house as far as access to the news and everything else. There are times that it is very difficult for me to thoroughly express myself to individuals when face-to-face. I always wondered what I expressed would be perceived by others.  I feared hurting someone feelings or would be extremely bothered if someone became angry with me.  Therefore I would express myself through my writing instead of in person. Therefore, the ability to communicate online is very convenient. In my opinion, you cannot only be more human but also receive human contact when doing things in person instead of being online. I agree, human contact is one of the better forms of communication; because you can actually see the person that you are speaking with.  However, as I get older I have learned that it can be extremely important communicating online. Also, communicating online you have to be extremely mindful of the words you use, when to capitalize or not, when to use an exclamation mark or not. When you are in person you can tell when a person is angry, or happy.  Also, you can be more in touch with an individual feelings when communicating in person.

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