Research Method

b. Why is it important to assess the patient for use of herbal products prior to surgery?
October 21, 2021
Post a brief description of your identified strengths and explain how and why they are beneficial in your role as a nurse leader-manager. Explain at least two strategies for applying your leadership strengths in a health care organization to improve quality and safety.
October 21, 2021

 See attached the article. 

Select one quantitative research article from this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings ( The effectiveness of telehealth care on caregiver burden, mastery of stress, and family function among family caregivers of heart failure patients: A quasi-experimental study )

Write a 260-word summary in which you:

  1-Describe the study design and explain the strengths and limitations of this design. 

2-Identify the intervention, if any. 

3-Describe the sample using descriptive statistics. 

4-Identify the data collection procedures and comment on the validity and reliability of measurements. 

5-What study findings are presented with descriptive statistics?

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