Research Paper on Why Women stay in Abusive Relationships?

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February 17, 2021
Brofenbrenner’s Ecological System: Questions
February 17, 2021

Ok, so I have the rough draft completed so I will want you to use everything in the rough draft. I will list points below to add here and there. I have the references in which I will post the links to where you can see it.  I have added notes to my rough draft so it makes it easier to fix. 

Must be 6-8 pages

Times Roman 12 pt

1. I have my thesis paragraph completed If you want to tweak it that would be great! In addition I would like to add a real life story as the second paragraph of my introduction and I will provide you with a story.

2. At the end of the First paragraph I mention “With more help from local agencies and the government,” I need you to add WHY they need to step in to help victims of domestic violence. What is Highlighted in Blue is where I need more information added and/or fixed

3. The beginning of the second paragraph (1st main point) I speak of psychological theories and behaviors. The first being Learned Helpless Model, The second being psychological entrapment and the last one being the investment model. I just need you to add a bit more information on the theories in which I will provide you the resources. (In article that starts with Understanding Stay Leave Decisons) 

4. I did not put my counter argument before the conclusion I broke it up in the paper so what I have is my rough draft and what is highlighted is my counterargument that needs to be the paragraph before the conclusion. You can feel free to add more. That is Highlighted in Yellow is my counterargument that needs to be put before conclusion. 

5. Feel free to change word choices and wherever you think needs adjustment you are free to do so.  PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS

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