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April 5, 2021
PHI 210 Assignment 2 Problem Solving(USE AS A GUIDE ONLY)
April 5, 2021

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The assessment I chose for future assignments is the Dean Woodcock Neuropsychological Battery. Reliability for this assessment was found to range from “.45 – 1.00” with a median of .85. Dean & Woodcock (2003) note that these finding suggest an “adequate to excellent rater agreement” for most tests included in the Dean Woodcock Neuropsychological Battery.

The authors note that reliability data is limited for this assessment, particularly with respect to its interview and emotional status exam. Dean and Woodcock also touch on the fact that validity is also limited in this assessment because of its relatively recent release. Because of this there have been few validation studies conducted, and future research needs to be obtained so as to establish stronger reliability and validity with more generalized groups of individuals.


Dean, R. S., & Woodcock, R. W. (2003). Dean-Woodcock Neuropsychological Battery. Retrieved from

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