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Textbook Exercise #2 bid on this one
February 17, 2021
variety of poems
February 17, 2021

 Children need help from teachers and caregivers to learn to regulate their own emotional state. Prompt, to sympathetic response children and infants signs of distress helping them to learn to stay calm and teaching then to calm themselves delayed adult intervention could lead to agitation. Children should learn to reach a desirable behavior using effective techniques while learning to achieve independence, children need support from adults who understand the negative, rebelliousness, resistance, and assertiveness are inevitably part of this important development task also provide many opportunities for children to make decisions for themselves and do things on their own. Children learning environment should support the desired outcomes.

   NAEYC suggest play is one of the ways children learn through constructive activities in daily experiences. When children interact naturalistic it helps teachers to observe students full potentials and development on what he/she knows or need to know. Vygotsky’s theory say’s social dramatic experiences in development should be modified for changes and adjustments. My favorite self-regulation activity is when children are working in the house area demonstrating the experiences and home life situation, I notice children who live in low –income communities are likely to need more assistance from adults to help develop to their full potential. Children should develop at their own pace and an opportunity to think and explore in the world in which they live. Children are able to make choices daily through their own experiences in the environment to help support developmental domains emotional and cognitive when doing select play. They are also capable of making decisions at meal time initiative choices. They learn independence and how to express one’s self.


Suggest additional ways self-regulation skills are important. Reflect on the instructional strategies your classmates will use to teach self-regulation and offer additional strategies that you believe will work well. 

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