S.Abuse paper

Develop A Culturally Competent Assessment For Mental Health Counseling
November 23, 2020
What advantages did the addition of enforceable standards provide to the APA Ethics Code?
November 23, 2020

Interview someone who works with or specializes in substance use disorders. The interview can be in-person, phone, or via email. 

Solicit an interview with a substance use disorders treatment or prevention professional regarding (as relevant and appropriate) their personal and professional experiences with substance use, abuse, and dependence. 

Solicit their beliefs, values, and attitudes toward working with individuals with substance use disorders and/or family members. 

What have they learned along the way? 

How has their knowledge, understanding, and attitudes changed since they began working in the field? 

How many years have they been focusing on working with substance use disorders?

5 pages

2 references 

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