SCI210 Saint Leo Contamination Effect on Sea Life Case Study Discussion

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Lesson 2

Activity 1: Contamination Effect on Sea Life

In teams, investigate the effect of fertilizer contamination affecting water and sea life. Look specifically for the effect of high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous.

Appoint a recorder to take notes so that the team can build a body of evidence that can be used in the next activity.

Activity 2: Educating the Public

Team share their flyers on environmental factors affecting sea life, particularly fish and crabs.

Members critique each flyer and decide on what is accurate, what the public needs to know, and what other information is important.

Then make a 2 minute Public Service Announcement that includes:

  1. The problem
  2. Possible causes based on evidence and research
  3. Recommendations to Public
  4. Hope – end on a high note that shows what is being done or what individuals can do to decrease the problem.

Activity 3: Case Study

Complete the case study, Tuna For Lunch?

NOTE: These activities may be substituted with others that meet the needs of students at the discretion of the instructor.

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