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November 9, 2021
Heart Attack and Fracture Cases Discussion
November 9, 2021

California is the first state to put warning labels on coffee due to the presence of acrylamide. This is a controversial topic. You notice that the human epidemiological data is so far inconclusive and there appears to be a need for further understanding of what dose of coffee is actually toxic to humans. You search through NIH funding opportunities and find that they are offering a 1 million dollar grant for more information on whether or not coffee is carcinogenic in humans. Please apply the scientific method to this issue by identifying a problem, asking a question, and proposing a hypothesis. Subsequently, you need to propose 2-3 experiments (aims) of your own design, with all the proper positive and negative controls, that will answer the question you asked about coffee and human carcinogenicity. Try to format your proposal like a 1 page NIH Specific Aims page (link below).

Useful link (anatomy of a specific aims page): (Links to an external site.)

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