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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

Self-presentation is defined as any behavior that seeks to convey some image of self or some information about the self to other people. This includes any behavior that is meant to make an impression on others.  Spend some time in three different types of establishments (e.g., a coffeehouse, a grocery store, on the train) and watch how people present themselves while out shopping, eating, etc.  In a two-page essay, respond to the following questions: 

    • What did you see people doing at each location?
    • Why do you think they were behaving in that manner? Who do you think was their intended audience?
    • Did they seem to be “putting on a show” or did they seem to be acting naturally? Did you see them in a positive or negative light?
    • How does what you observed apply to what you read about self-esteem and self-presentation in the textbook?

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