Question 5
February 17, 2021
write an essay
February 17, 2021

Objective: Read the poem “drops in a bucket” and write a essay about it.


the paper should be five paragraphs in length (three full pages plus a Works Cited), and it should include a clear thesis (argument) about the poem in question as well as quotations from the text and explanations that link those examples back to your central argument. Remember that your paper is an ANALYSIS of the poem and should do more than just summarize the lines of the poem. 

Some topics for your paper may include:

  • How does the language and/or structure of the poem lend itself to the listener’s understanding of the poem? 
  • How does the imagery of the poem contribute to or detract from the speaker’s success in telling a cohesive story?
  • What does the poem seem to be about and how does this meaning reveal itself over the course of the poem?
  • How (or how well/poorly) does the foreground of the poem (the story, or what is happening in the poem) reveal to the listener what might be happening in the background (the message) of the poem? 

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