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Psychology Human Observation Project. 15 hour deadline.
June 6, 2022
June 6, 2022

As you reflect on your now completed course project, you likely realize that you need some additional education and training in order to be the most effective leader you can be (we all have room to grow and improve our skills). For this assignment, you will assess your skills gap and create an action plan to address those gaps. Address the following elements in your assignment:

  • Analyze the skills you need to develop in advocacy and leadership and how each skill will make you a more effective leader.
  • Identify the key professional organizations and resources that specifically serve the needs of leaders in the human service and public sectors.
  • Describe the membership benefits of each organization that you identify, including any education or training opportunities.
  • Describe any other opportunities for training that would benefit you in your continuing education.
  • Outline your action plan for continuing education. It does not need to be complicated, but it should be realistic, and account for regular updates to your education over time that you believe can be accomplished.

Submission Requirements

  • The paper must be 2–3 pages in length.
  • Include a title page and a references page.
  • Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.
  • Include a minimum of three resources.
  • Follow APA guidelines for style and formatting.
  • Submit your paper to Turnitin. Review the results and make adjustments if needed. Then submit your paper to the assignment area for grading.
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