Social Work Theory and Practice

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December 8, 2022
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December 8, 2022

Social work theory is rooted in education and scholarly research while social work practice is rooted in professional application of social work skills. Both theory and practice are essential to provide quality and effective social work services. It is important for social workers to use the interrelation of theory and practice when applying social work interventions, methods, and procedures in crisis and other social work situations.

consider how theory interrelates with practice in social work. You also consider how theory informs your professional work.With these thoughts in mind:Write  an explanation of how of social work theory affects social work practice. Then, provide one example where a specific practice in social work relates directly to a social work theory. Finally, explain how social work theory might inform your academic and professional work. Be specific. Must have effective references and no plagiarism reference all work. should be at least two pages

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