Assignment 3: Exploring Virtue on the College Campus – Case Study
December 8, 2022
values and ethics
December 8, 2022

PART A Select and Respond to ONE of the following two writing prompts. Your response should be approximately 500 words and include specific examples (e.g., from your experiences or research). Be sure to cite any material that you have used from another source. Work must be original. Submissions that are copied from other sources (not including appropriately cited quotes) will receive a grade of 0/10. Late submissions will receive a deduction of 2 points per day. Writing Prompts: Use some of the concepts of C. Wright Mills and Peter Berger to explain who you are and why you see the world the way you do. Working through this process will help you to understand that while we are all individuals, we are also the culmination of many social forces. Your investigation should include a discussion of SOME of the following five social factors that were most influential in defining the person you have become: minority status, gender, socioeconomic status, family structure, and urban-rural differences. (Ravelli, pp. 9 -11). Design an ethical research project that investigates obedience and people’s responses to authority (like Stanley Milgrim’s did). Describe your: purpose, hypothesis, method, participants, and potential results. Do you think it would have the ability to yield similar results to Milgram’s experiment? Explain why or why not? (Ravelli, chapter 4)

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