sociology questions

Understanding Islam
February 17, 2021
Anthropology “2”
February 17, 2021

1.  Explain the experiences of Muslims in Quebec. Is the situation for Muslims there more problematic than in the rest of Canada? How would a power-conflict perspective (any theory) explain this?

2.  Discuss the economic experiences of Canadian Muslims in Canada. How does “racism” influence their economic conditions? How would intersectional theory make sense of their situation?

  1. Some scholars have suggested that French-speaking Canadians living outside Quebec stand a good chance of losing their language. Using the acculturation typology, assess the likelihood of this occurring.

2.  Why do you think the Quebec provincial government resisted the federal policy of multiculturalism? How does the policy of “convergence” work within Quebec? What would Robert Parks’ race relation perspective have to say about the emergence of a different form of race relations in Quebec?

  1. Using one sociological theory of your choice and a description of historical events, explain why Quebec have not yet signed the Constitution Act.

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