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June 5, 2022
June 5, 2022

Assignment 1: Conflict Theories – A Comparison

The belief that conflict is an enduring aspect of society is only the starting point from which to understand conflict theory. Within this line of thinking, there are varying perspectives on the existence of conflict and the result of its persistence. How can these perspectives, which include Marxist, power elite, and interest group (pluralist) theory, coexist? What do these variances on perspective mean for the social worker’s understanding of conflict for individuals, groups, and communities? 

For this assignment, review this week’s resources. Consider the similarities and differences among Marxist, power elite, and interest group (pluralist) theory. Then think about how these theories apply to your work with clients in social work practice.

Assignment (2 to 4 pages in APA format): Your assignment should include:

o   A comparison and contrast of the basic assumptions of conflict theories: Marxist theory, power elite theory, and interest group (pluralist) theory

o   An explanation of how these theories apply to social work practice

References (use 2 or more)

Champe, J., & Rubel, D. J. (2012). Application of focal conflict theory to psychoeducational groups: Implications for process, content, and leadership. Journal For Specialists In Group Work, 37(1), 71–90.

Robbins, S. P., Chatterjee, P., & Canda, E. R. (2012). Contemporary human behavior theory: A critical perspective for social work (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Allyn & Bacon.

Wester, S. R., McDonough, T. A., White, M., Vogel, D. L., & Taylor, L. (2010). Using gender role conflict theory in counseling male-to-female transgender individuals. Journal Of Counseling & Development, 88(2), 214–219.

Project: Final Paper Proposal: Questions and Controversies in Clinical Psychopharmacology

In this Final Paper Proposal, you to submit your proposal to your Instructor for feedback and approval of your final paper topic.

During Week 4, your Instructor will provide feedback and explain any necessary modifications of your Final Paper proposal. Once your Instructor approves your Final Paper Proposal, you should begin working on your Final Paper. The Final Paper should address a current question or controversy in clinical psychopharmacology.

Possible topics for the Final Paper include:

o   Something that is currently occurring in your community

o   Something that is currently occurring in a given population

o   A problem identified in the media

o   A controversy discussed in scholarly journals 

o   A controversy about a specific diagnosis

Your Final Paper Proposal should include the following components:

Identifying information: 

o   Title: Short and descriptive

o   Student name

o   Name of department/program and university

o   Date

Purpose of the paper/background in this section:

o   Identify the purpose of the paper (e.g., “My paper will exam the controversy related to prescribing ADHD medications to children.”).

o   Explain why you are researching this topic (e.g., why this question or controversy is important and how it relates to your profession).

o   Explain what you intend to learn about the topic.

Can be ½ page or more

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