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June 17, 2019

Project: Draft of Client System Role Play Script

So far in this course, you have examined the three levels of social work practice: micro, mezzo and macro. You also have explored how the GIM steps and specific practice skills apply to each level of practice. In order to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts, you will develop a script of a client session that represents the techniques you might use to implement the GIM steps and practice skills. This script may depict a client interaction that represents any step in the GIM. For example, you might choose to show an initial encounter where you exhibit engagement and assessment skills. Maybe you might choose to show a glimpse into a session where intervention has become necessary for a client you have seen several times. Or you might plan and then execute a meeting to either evaluate a client’s treatment or terminate the relationship with a client. Later in this course, you will record a video of a role play based on this script. 

For this assignment, use the Role Play Script Template provided in this week’s Resources, to draft and submit your role play script for Instructor approval and feedback.

Role Play Script (2–5 pages): 

Your role play script should include:A description of the client system (depending on the client level you selected—micro, mezzo or macro).An explanation of the presenting concern A description of the client session scene  in which you  implement the GIM step and practice skills you have selected for working with this client system.A detailed description of the actual dialogue that takes place between you, as the social worker, and the client(s). Note that the dialogue should depict the techniques you would use to implement the GIM step and the practice skills you selected for the client interaction.A description of the visual cues that both the social worker and the client might exhibit during the interaction that support the GIM step and practice skills you selected.An explanation of the techniques you might use to implement the GIM step and practice skills you selected and why.

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