Stiglitz Piece

Final Paper and Presentation
February 17, 2021
M4: Textbook Exercise – Fallacy Quiz Creation
February 17, 2021

write 3-5 paragraphs minimum explaining or illuminating any hidden meanings in the Stiglitz piece that you can find or have already found.  (please recall that these discussion boards are INFORMAL. this means that you DO NOT need to worry much about grammar or Low Order Concerns.  it also means that you may write much more than the minimum since there are little or formal pressures.)

when i say “hidden” meanings, this may come in any number of forms:  important issues or details that have been left out/omitted, hidden assumptions or implicit meanings, or any related details/issues that are not immediately obvious, clear or “in your face.”

the term “implicit” requires your understanding so if you do not already know what it means look it up and contrast it with “explicit.”  

this exercise requires a few basic things: your solid understanding & familiarity with the Stiglitz text, your willingness & ability to discern hidden things in a text, & more.  For this exercise let us simply emphasize the ability to discern–“dig out” or discover–hidden meanings.

Use your imagination also.  Dwell with the text and its subject, imagining what may be left out, taken for granted, implied, or otherwise hidden from easy or clear view.

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