Summary of an article

Legal issues, professional boundaries, Practice of Clinical Psychology assignment help
February 21, 2021
Aviation Related Ethical or Social Responsibility Issue Research Paper help (8-10 pages)
February 21, 2021

Read The Coming Technology Singularity, analyze the contents, and write a report. The document is from 1993, when it was speculated that super-intelligence would arise on the planet Earth from our networked computers. Some things to think about are: When will it happed? Did it already happen? When do you think it will happen?

Part 1. Write a summary of the article. (roughly 500 words, 1 inch margin, double spaced, 10 pt font).

Part 2. Add to the end your own opinion about Singularity (roughly 200 words).

Part 3. The Turing Test was beaten on June 9, 2014. Or was it? Research and describe the Turing Test. (Roughly 200 words).

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