Supplemental Assignment 1 (

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December 8, 2022
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December 8, 2022

Supplemental Assignment 1 Instructions

In Blackboard, in the Reading & Study folder for Module/Week 6, you will find 2 articles:

1.      The Transition from Middle School to High School as a Developmental Process Among Latino Youth. By Yolanda Vasquez-Salgado and Gabriela Chavira.

2.      The Role of Spiritual Development in the Cross-Cultural Reentry Adjustment of Missionaries. By Thomas R. Kimber.

Read both articles and write a brief annotated bibliography in current APA format. An annotated bibliography can be a summary, assessment, or personal reflection of a journal article you have used as a source. For this assignment, you will provide 1 paragraph of ‘summary’ for each source. Each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences, but no more than 8. Provide a title page and 1–2 pages of text. Follow the sample below (Note: the sample below is for a ‘summary’ type Annotated Bibliography):

Furrow, J. L., & Palmer, G. (2007). Emotion focused family therapy and blended families: Building bonds from the inside out. Journal of Systemic Therapies, 26 (4), 44–58.

            doi: 10.1521/jsyt.2007.26.4.44

Furrow and Palmer highlight the use of emotion focused family therapy in dealing with sensitive issues often found in individuals from blended families. This approach uses

evocative interventions (the prompting of vivid memories or images of things not present, especially things from the past to promote a deeper level of emotional processing). This enables family members to connect their primary emotional experiences (e.g., fear of abandonment or rejection) with corresponding attachment related needs (e.g., reassurance, support, and acceptance). Overall, the techniques of the approach are useful, leaving it to the practitioner to incorporate the biblical piece in assisting individuals struggling with this issue.

Supplemental Assignment 1 Grading Rubric

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