Supplemental Assignment 2 (BY THRUSDAY)

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December 6, 2022
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December 6, 2022

Supplemental Assignment 2 Instructions

The student will take an active part (E.g. spend two/three hours volunteering/helping out) in a Community Outreach Activity (NOT a University or Church activity—unless it is an activity that reaches out to the community) of your choosing, which will familiarize you with the particulars of a community. Some examples of activities include: volunteering at a shelter, a camp, a recreation center, a home for girls or boys, a soup kitchen, a clothing bank, a detoxification center, a tutoring center for young children, a vocational rehabilitation center, habitat for humanity, a minority community center, etc.  After the completion of the activity, you will document your experience by writing a paper.  The paper will be written in APA style and will include one (1) title page, one (1) abstract page, and two (2) FULL pages of text (Points will be deducted for anything less than that).  No reference page is required. The paper will explain in detail the experience (what was observed, how it affected you), a discussion of two course concepts that relate to your observations, and what was learned from the project (What the community’s needs are, what ethics are in place, and how can you help make a difference).

Supplemental Assignment 2 Grading Rubric

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