synthesis paper relating to an interview, health & medical homework help

SC121 Santa Monica College Skeletal Movement Essay
September 12, 2021
Week 6 Developing a Care Plan, health and medicine homework help
September 12, 2021

My topic is on new hire orientation. I interviewed the head of HR and charge of the new hire orientation of registered nurses in a mental institute. There were six question I asked which the question and answer I got will be attached to this file. I need a four page paper basically synthesis of the interview and question. I will also attach the requirements and grading rubric to this as well. Please follow the grading rubric and requirement to a tee. This paper need to be in APA format and needs atleast three (3) peer reviewed sources and they must be less than five years old. Please make sure you answer and complete the “requirements and guideline” and “question guideline” section as well. Feel free to add addtional information if needed

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