Texas Birth Defects Lab Project

Select one of the following disorders as your topic dementia, delirium, or depression. Describe appropriate treatment options for patients with that Disorder.
July 17, 2021
What health issues and risks may be relevant to the child you selected?
July 17, 2021

Paper instructions:
Texas Birth Defects Lab Project: Use the Texas Department of Public Health (TDPH) website (http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/) again to investigate the HEALTH DATA

on Birth Defects.  Select two birth defects from the data list provided from which you are to track the number of cases and prevalence of the selected birth defects

across Texas.

Produce a Powerpoint of TDPH tracked data and information about the two birth defects you selected. Use your textbook and other verifiable references sources to

complete this project. Include background information, causes, diagnostics involved, prevention, and conclusional statements that can be reasonably drawn from analysis

of the data. Be sure to correctly cite your references on the final slide of the Powerpoint using the title “References” on the slide. Create a Title slide as well

that imparts what the slideshow will involve.

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