The African Background of African American history, history homework help

Justification Report – Part 1, Assignment 2.1 help
February 19, 2021
Ethics in counseling and psychotherapy, assignment help (book Sixth Edition)
February 19, 2021

Questions: Based upon the information on pages 4-16, name three different kingdoms or empires in ancient or medieval Africa and briefly discuss their accomplishments and activities. Based upon the information on pages 17-24, name three different aspects of “African Culture” and briefly discuss these cultural traditions. Also, Is it important to study this information before looking at the slave trade and slavery? Provide specific information from the text. 

Summarize: up to 2 pages.

(Cite some of the text but, Do not use too many word for word quotes)

The first two files (Scan0008.pdf) & (scan0010.pdf) are pages 4-16

The second two files (scan0011.pdf) & (scan0003) are for pages 17-24

I rescanned page 22. 





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