The Baby’s Brain: Wider Than the Sky Full Video (54:21)

Cell Biology And Biochemistry
May 3, 2020
Bio Research Synopsis
May 3, 2020

The Baby’s Brain: Wider Than the Sky Full Video(54:21)

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The Baby’s Brain: Wider Than the Sky


  1. Human Brain: Ultimate Machine03:05
  2. Premature Infant Brain02:02
  3. Genetic Code Script01:27
  4. The Primitive Beginning of Thoughts and Feelings01:56
  5. Neuron Pathways02:20
  6. Neuron Migration01:50
  7. Genetic Blueprint03:25
  8. Coping Before the Brain is Ready01:52
  9. Learning Disabilities in Preemies01:33
  10. Shaping the Brain in Unintended Ways02:05
  11. Emulating the Womb03:21
  12. Nature vs. Nurture04:11
  13. Preemie Brain Development02:51
  14. Physical Change in Development of Brain Parameters02:59
  15. Negotiating a Complicated World01:57
  16. Critical Stimulation01:16
  17. Critical Images02:20
  18. Fighting for Cortical Connections03:12
  19. Maturing Without Visual Experience01:45
  20. Removing Cataracts in Time01:43
  21. Plastic Human Brain02:17

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Only four weeks into human gestation, the brain’s first cells, the neurons, are already forming at an astonishing rate—250,000 every minute. This program illustrates that process and the more complex brain development that occurs during an infant’s life, both before and following birth. Viewers learn how vision and the visual cortex come into play; what happens when a baby is born with visual impairment, such as infant cataracts; and many more facts and insights regarding the early brain’s ability to shape itself in response to the demands of the world. Distributed by PBS Distribution. Part of the series The Secret Life of the Brain. (56 minutes)

Distributed by PBS Distribution.DETAILS Producer: PBSSeries: The Secret Life of the BrainDate Added: 12/12/2009Copyright Date: © 2001Item #: 41054Type: Documentary FilmRun Time: 54:21TAGSAnatomyBiological neural network Biology Brain Human brain Mind NeuropsychologyNeuroscience Neuroscience and intelligence

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The Baby’s Brain: Wider Than the Sky Full e Baby’s Brain: Wider Than the Sky Full

The Baby

The Baby’s Brain: Wider Than the Sky Full ‘s Brain: Wider Than the Sky Full

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