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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

Life is filled with choices. Social psychologists have uncovered several key features of the process of choosing. How we make our choices depends on several factors such as timing, our propensity for risk, and the desire to keep our options open. Review the opening vignette for Chapter 4 about Kim Hyun Hee and Korean Airlines Flight 858. In a two-page essay, consider how the people involved arrived at the choices they made.  Use the concepts from Chapter 4 to respond to the following questions: 

    • What factors do you believe contributed to Kim’s behavior?
    • Compare Kim’s behavior and situation with the hijackings on September 11, 2001. In what ways are the situations similar? In what ways are they different?
    • Describe instances when your behavior didn’t match your beliefs. Explain your reasons for taking these actions.

You must cite, in APA style citation, any sources used and include a works cited page

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