The War on Drugs

Consider the nursing care delivery models discussed in this course
July 17, 2021
The future of patient – centered medical homes
July 17, 2021

The War on Drugs

Utilizing the film, DEA “Drugs of Abuse” journal article and the DEA website, write a three (3) page, double spaced essay on the “War on Drugs”. An academically sound paper will identify the various impacts of drug abuse in society. APA is not required for this assignment

Assignment #2 “Drugs of Abuse and The Poly Drug User” 20 points

Read about the “7 Drug Categories” on the DRE website. Using your textbook, the DEA “Drugs of Abuse” article, and two other sources, write a five (5) page (APA) formatted research paper. Five pages mean five pages of narrative text. The cover page, abstract and resource page does NOT count toward the length of the assignment.

Topic: Select two of the seven drug categories and compare and contrast the following issues:
• Compare and contrast drug abuse factors between the two categories
• Effects on the human body including symptomology
• Identification and packaging
• Methods of ingestion
• Trafficking trends for the two drug categories
• Issues in criminality

WARNING: Select two categories not two drugs; for example you cannot select cocaine and methamphetamine because they are both in the stimulant category.

Assignment #3 “Drug Trafficking Trends” 20 Points

Select a domestic or international drug trafficking group. Write a five (5) page, double-spaced, (APA) formatted research paper. Five pages means five pages of narrative. The paper will examine and analyze origins, structure, organization, supply, distribution routes and methods, customer base, drugs(s) of choice, violence trends, and relationships to other organized crime or terrorist groups.

Assignment #4-Assessment “Drug Control Policies” 40 Points

The student will write a ten (10) page, APA paper comparing and contrasting the current global debate centering on illicit drug decriminalization, legalization and stricter drug control policies. The paper will be double-spaced. The student may use the textbook and the DEA “Drugs of Abuse” journal article plus three (3) aIDitional academic sources.
Assignment #5 “Impaired Driving Essay”


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