To Kill a Mockingbird Questions and Essay

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February 17, 2021
Discussion: Fuel for the Fire
February 17, 2021

Part 1–   You will answer questions in the attachment below for the novel to kill a mockingbird

Part 2-   You will write a 7 paragraph essay in a separate document about something that you have strong feelings which will result in passionate essay. The rubric will be underneath.

Passion Points

  • Writing about something that you have strong feelings about will result in a more passionate essay. When the essay is passionate, the reader will feel the writer’s excitement and will more likely be carried along with the fervor of the arguments. Therefore, the reader will tend to agree with the writer.

Logical versus Emotional Appeals

  • Logical appeals provide concrete reasons that explain why readers should accept a writer’s opinion, and evidence that supplies support for the reasons.
  • Emotional appeals attempt to reach readers’ feelings through anecdotes(brief stories) and through word choice (connotations, associations, loaded language, and so forth).

Conceding the Point and Counterarguing

  • Conceding the point (“giving in” or acknowledging opposing viewpoints) sends the message that the writer has thoughtfully considered both sides of the issue before making a decision. Therefore, the writer has more credibility.
  • Counterarguing is important, because conceding the point without addressing your own viewpoint would be ineffective. Concede the point, and then follow up with your own arguments.

  • Paragraph 1: Introduction
  • emotional argument included
  • Paragraph 2: Logical Appeal #1
  • Paragraph 3: Logical Appeal #2
  • Paragraph 4: Logical Appeal #3
  • Paragraph 5: Conceded point #1
  • Counterargument #1 included
  • Paragraph 6: Conceded point #2
  • Counterargument #2 included
  • Paragraph 7: Conclusion paragraph
  • emotional appeal revisited
  • call to action included

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