Traits of effective listeners slide, health and medicine homework help

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September 13, 2021
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September 13, 2021

could you help me fix this please need done quick

Traits of effective listeners slide

This entire slide is a direct quote from the book Leading Collaborative Architectural Practice buy Erin Carraher and Ryan Smith. Using a direct quote without putting it in quotation marks and including an appropriate citation is considered plagiarism and could result in an academic integrity violation.

Communication slide This is a quote from:…

Paraphrasing does not mean that you should change around words here and there or just find synonyms for certain words in the paraphrased sentence. In these cases, these are still considered direct quotes because of their similarity to the original sentence and are not paraphrased correctly. To paraphrase, you must put the author’s ideas into your own words. This can be accomplished by reading the material, removing yourself from it (close the book, webpage, etc.), and taking notes. This helps you to put these ideas into your own words more easily. It is tempting to rely on the author’s wording with it right in front of you. need this fixed by today please

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