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November 10, 2021
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The World Wide Web makes a large amount of medical information easily available to anyone with access to a computer. Every day providers add new information to the Web; the information available is increasing at an exponential rate. Consumers are exploring this information. This healthcare consumer exploration can be a good thing because it means that clients are informed about their health conditions and can participate more knowledgeably in healthcare decisions. However, what assurance do consumers have that the information they obtain from the Web is accurate? How can we help consumers sort out the vast array of information to find valid information? One way to begin is to search the Web ourselves to see what is out there. The purpose of this assignment is to begin to explore the information that is readily available to consumers on the World Wide Web and to learn to evaluate that information. For this assignment, approach the assignment as a member of the general public, not as a healthcare professional; search for information that is readily available to anyone. Choose a medical diagnosis that interests you and begin searching. To begin the search, you must access a search engine such as Google,,, etc. If you are unfamiliar with web searching, a useful link to explain the use of search engines is (Links to an external site.)

Once you’ve found some sites you’re
interested in, you need to determine the credibility of the sites. Please watch the three short videos and review the NCCAM document to help you complete this assignment. Assignments guidelines follow this page.


1. Choose a medical diagnosis  or procedure that interests you. Search the web and find five web sites that can provide you with information about the topic.
2. Evaluate each site using the criteria explained in the videos – decide which two are the best
3. Create a document that
• identifies the two best sites and explains in some detail
a. why you believe each site is credible and
b. why each site is one of the best sites available, and
• contains a list of the 5 sites you found, formatted as a reference page.
This document should be formatted according to APA standards. This written report should be 2-3 pages of body + a cover page and a reference page. Please see this week’s module for the due date. Submit this assignment through the link in the Week 2.

Grading Rubric (Web Critique Assignment):

Proficient (10 points total): Two sites are identified. The explanation of the credibility of each site is thorough and follows the criteria established in the video. Paper is formatted correctly (7 points) APA citations have fewer than five errors (3 points).
Satisfactory (8 points total): Two sites are identified. The explanation of the credibility of each site is not as thorough, but follows the criteria established in the videos. Fewer than 2 formatting errors APA (5.5 points). APA citations have fewer than 8 errors (2.5 points).
Needs Improvement: (6 points total): Two sites are identified. The explanation of the credibility of each site is minimal and/or does not follow the criteria established in the videos. Fewer than 4 formatting errors (4 points). APA citations have fewer than 10 errors (2 point).
Novice: (3 points total: Only one site is listed. Explanation of credibility is minimal. More than 4 formatting errors (2.5 points). More than 10 APA errors (0.5 points).
0 points Assignment not received.
Your earned points/10 = percentage grade. This assignment is worth 2% of the course grade.

HINTS: For assistance with electronic references in APA format, see the APA power point, your APA manual or the UKCON Undergraduate APA guidelines. Remember to try to find the elements of a typical APA entry – author(s), date, title –and to include a retrieved statement with the web address. Make sure NOT to put a period (.) at the end of the address unless it is actually a part of the URL.
DO take the reader directly to the page you want him/her to see (e.g., if you’ve investigated sites for breast cancer, DO NOT send the reader to the American Cancer Society site and make them search for the information on breast cancer).
The web address is NOT the name of a web site …
Please check the web site addresses used on your reference page by attempting to click on them. 


Web Critique

Web Critique


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReference page of 5 web sources with appropriate APA format and minimal errorsAPA citations have fewer than 5 errors.

3.0 pts

Proficient: Fewer than 5 APA errors

2.5 pts

Satisfactory: Fewer than 8 errors

2.0 pts

Needs Improvement:Fewer than 10 APA errors

0.5 pts

Novice: More than 10 errors

0.0 pts

No points

3.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCritique of 2 sources with thorough detail regarding credibility using the criteria in the video. Paper is formatted correctly per the assignment descriptionDetailed explanation of why these 2 sites are credible and are the best sites available. Body of paper is 2-3 pages in length with a separate cover page and reference page.

7.0 pts

Proficient: detailed explanation and proper formatting

5.5 pts

Satisfactory: Explanation not as thorough, less than 2 formatting errors

4.0 pts

Needs Improvement: Explanation needs further development and details, less than 4 formatting errors

2.5 pts

Novice: Explanation is minimal, more than 4 formatting errors

0.0 pts

No points

7.0 pts

Total Points: 10.0

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