University Of Phoneix NLRA Labor Relations and Healthcare Ethics Essay

Module 4 Discussions
November 10, 2021
Gemba Walk Strategy Paper
November 10, 2021

  • The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) is one of the most significant pieces of federal legislation dealing with labor relations [Chapter 19, Pages 516-517]. The Act is generally known as the Wagner Act, after Senator Robert R. Wagner of New York. Go to Findlaw.comand identify a case where an unfair labor practice occurred in a health care organization. Summarize the case law findings

  • The law is invoked as a result of unfortunate mistakes in the delivery of health care. A foundation for applying abstract theories and principles of ethics is required. Identify a microethical and macroethical dilemma that occur in healthcare organizations. Provide examples of legal case law to support your response.
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