US Health Insurance or provider within the healthcare field

Factors that Affect Human Population Trends
September 21, 2021
Discussion 6: Interviews and Surveys
September 21, 2021

The U.S. healthcare industry is immense, complex, and dynamic.
For this discussion, do the following:

  • Locate at least one online resource (a link, article, or book, for example) pertaining to health insurance or provider reimbursement within the healthcare field.
  • In your discussion, examine the content and then share the resource (post your resource and use APA style). Summarize the resource(s) and what you find useful about it.
  • Once your material is posted, be sure to review and comment on the materials posted by at least two of your peers.

NOTE: Resources may not be duplicated among classmates, so be sure to get into the conversation early. (Bipartisan, ACO, Medical and Medicare, EMTALA and fee-for service were already discussed.

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