Using the system of Problems below, do the following matlab problems from the text pictures attached

Project paper in Humanities.
September 13, 2021
It might be hard to think of a subject like Earth Science generating a lot of controversy, geology homework help
September 13, 2021

Read section on Computer-Aided Learning on p.571-575 of the text.

Pictures from the book are attached
** Using the system of Problem D8.5c, do the following matlab problems from the text

C8.1(a) Find the transfer function, and
C8.1(b) Re-do drill (change of variable).

** Use the system in problem D8.6b to do problem C8.1 (c)

** Do problem 11c (p.619)
a) using matlab.
b) by hand, using an eigenvector-eigenvalue decomposition.

Turn in matlab code, scanned versions of all your work, and the results from your code.

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