Voice Thread 4 (NEED TO BE A WOMAN)

Only for Kim Woods 2
December 8, 2022
Need tomorrow by 5pm central time zone 150 word minimum one reference NO PLAGIARISM!
December 8, 2022


For VoiceThread Assignment 4, you will initiate your own VoiceThread discussion. You will locate a real-life example of 1 of the models of integration and post it for your colleagues to view/read. Describe what model your chosen example represents and why. The example can be a journal/magazine article, news story, blog, sermon, lecture, editorial, song, etc. If your example is a video, keep the video somewhat brief (or direct your colleagues to a certain point in the video to watch).

Note:Although not in the traditional classroom setting, you are in a professional, academic environment. Attire, language, and the content of the discussion must be kept within the Student Expectations and the Liberty Way.

VoiceThread Assignment Tips


In posting your thread, consider the following tips from Bill Ferrell. (Note that these excerpts refer to threads as strands.)

To be an active VoiceThreader, start by carefully working your way through a presentation. While viewing pictures and listening to the comments that have been added by other users, you should:

  1. Gather Facts: Jot down things that are interesting and new to you.
  1. Make Connections: Relate and compare things you are viewing and hearing to things that you already know.
  1. Ask Questions: What about the comments and presentation is confusing to you? What don’t you understand?  How will you find the answer? Remember that there will ALWAYS be questions in an active thinker’s mind.
  1. Give Opinions: Make judgments about what you are viewing and hearing. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Like? Dislike? Do you support or oppose anything that you have heard or seen? Why?

Use the following sentence starters to shape your thoughts and comments while viewing or participating in VoiceThread presentations. Comments based on these kinds of statements make VoiceThreads interactive and engaging.

  • This reminds me of…
  • This is similar to…
  • I wonder…
  • I realized…
  • I noticed…
  • You can relate this to…
  • I’d like to know…
  • I’m surprised that…
  • If I were ________, I would ______________
  • If __________ then ___________
  • Although it seems…
  • I’m not sure that…

While commenting, try to respond directly to other viewers. Begin by quoting some part of the comment that you are responding to to help other listeners know what it is that has caught your attention. Then, explain your own thinking in a few short sentences. Elaboration is important when you are trying to make a point. Finally, finish your comment with a question that other listeners can reply to. Questions help to keep digital conversations going.

VoiceThread Assignments Grading Rubric


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