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June 4, 2022
Essay for hn450
June 4, 2022

Write a short paper 500 words (APA format) about a piece of art. It could be a building, sculpture, painting, or other work. It may come from any period as long as it fits the principles of Classical aesthetics. Attach a picture of the art to your paper.

1. Provide a short background of the artist, or architect in some cases; the location of the piece of art presently; the year it was created; and any other relevant background information.

2. Explain why the art would be classified as Classical. Using the lecture, point out specific characteristics that make it Classical. Use the terms used in the lecture and support your claims with evidence.

3. What moral lesson or other message does the art represent or teach?

4. Is it Classical in the mimetic sense, or in other ways such as its sense of balance and symmetry?

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