What are some of the steps you would include in your diversity plan?

select an actual business-related legal case, pertaining to the topic of business entities, based on briefly conducting associated research
July 3, 2019
.What concerns do you have about the physician- patient relationship under MCOs?
July 3, 2019

Design a plan for conducting business and managing employees in a global society.

Scenario Information

You have been hired as the Human Resources Director for a global organization that is headquartered in the United States. Your job is to evaluate and make recommendations in the area of diversity for your company. Each section will contain specific areas within diversity for you to focus on. You will be tasked with choosing from one of the diversity areas that are provided to you. Be sure to conduct research using the university library and other relevant sources.

Diversity Area-Race


Now that you have selected your area of diverse concentration, you are now tasked with designing a plan to aid your selected group in the organization’s workforce. Your CEO has asked you to develop a diversity plan for your diversity area. The following questions should be included in your 3-5 page report. The report should be in proper APA format.

Introduce your diversity area and importance for diversity planning.

What are some of the steps you would include in your diversity plan?

What would be some of the challenges in the implementation of your plan in the US workforce, and in a global workforce?

What would be some of your control measures used to ensure your plan’s success? Remember this should go beyond being legally compliant.

Conclude your diversity plan.



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