What is the reason why we have seasons on the Earth?, assignment help

Grantham University Week 6 Correlations Exercises Discussion
September 13, 2021
Grantham University Week 5 Self Efficacy Evidence Discussion
September 13, 2021

Question 1

What is the reason why we have seasons on the Earth? Give as much detail as you can in your own words, but be careful…if you include a misconception, the score is 0.

Question 2

Explain in your own words why we see different phases of the Moon. Identify each of the four major phases, along with a description of what is occurring to allow us to see each of them.

Bonus point: At what time is each major phase visible at the Moon’s highest point in the sky?

Question 3

How does Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc2, relate to the production of the Sun’s energy? Be sure to include what each factor in the equation represents with respect to what happens inside the Sun.

Question 4

Identify and describe in your own words three separate and specific pieces of scientific evidence that support the Big Bang theory?

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