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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

The paper have to be 14 pages and add some informations. add some thoughts on the reconstruction aspect after the fall of the Berlin wall and how east and west Germany were re-integrated. 

The proposal: Germany restructure

In my research paper, I will talk about the Germany restructure after divided in tow parts.

After WWII, in Berlin which is the capital city of Germany was divided in two parts ( East and West ).  The Soviet union was taking the eastern part, and American, British and French were taking the western part of Berlin.

I will address some data about the restructure, black market , Marshall plan and require, the industrial and how they recover that after the world War II. 

What happen to Germany after world war II?

What is the consequence that happens to BERLIN after divided?

who restructure the eastern  and the western parts , who involves with, and what’s Berlin  past, present and future?


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