Write a report discussing the effects occupational health and safety legislation has had on employer and employee behaviour.

Discuss which principles of the diffusion of innovation are most important to consider as a public health leader and suggest how your colleagues can incorporate them into his or her public health campaign.
July 17, 2021
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July 17, 2021

Assignment 6: Developing a Safe Work Environment and Effective Employee Relations
Now that you have completed Module 6, demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts introduced in the module. This assignment is organized in three parts. Parts A, B, C and D are marked out of 100 and will count for 15 per cent of your final course grade.

The mark distribution is as follows:

Parts Marks
Part A: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation 25
Part B: Work-Life Balance in the Workplace 30
Part C: Case Incident: Do It Yourself, Enviro–Man! 20
Part D: Labour-Management Relations 25
Total 100
Part A: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation (25 marks)
Write a two-page report (approximately 500 words) discussing the effects occupational health and safety legislation has had on employer and employee behaviour.

Part B: Work-Life Balance in the Workplace (30 marks)
Continuing from Assignments 4 and 5, you have now identified a suitable candidate for your position. However, the candidate is concerned about entering a workplace that does not encourage a work-life balance and has asked for assurances that your organization has policies and programs in place that will take care of this. You have decided to present him or her with a report on the status of work-life balance in your workplace. Using the course material and any other sources of information, develop a work-life balance handbook. Justify why the services and programs you have included in your handbook are ideal.

Your handbook should be a maximum of three pages or approximately 750 words.

Part C: Case Incident – Do It Yourself, Enviro-Man! (20 marks)
Read the case incident on pages 373 of your textbook entitled “Do it yourself, Enviro-Man” and answer the following three questions:

What errors did Bill make when disciplining Ken?
What should Bill say to the other employees who witnessed this incident?
What steps do you recommend Bill take when Ken returns from his suspension?
Part D: Labour–Management Relations (25 marks)
Part D requires you to demonstrate critical thinking skills by examining the scenario below. Using materials from your textbook, and any other sources that will assist you in identifying elements that are important to employees, produce a two-page report (approximately 500 words) with your recommendations to management relating to the following:

Assume that you are the vice-president of HR at a relatively new non-union firm that has been experiencing rapid growth. In view of the management team’s desire to remain non-union, you have been asked to prepare a report to the other senior management team members. Your report will make specific recommendations regarding strategies that the firm should adopt to help to ensure that the employees will have no desire to unionize

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