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Primary Perspective
February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021

Directions: Respond to the assignment below. Be as clear and concise as possible with responses. Offer specific illustrations to support your opinions, observations, and conclusions. 

Choose ONE of the following topics from the back of the course textbook. Do not write about more than one of the documents. You will be graded on the basis of your analysis of ONE of the documents.

  • Document 2.1:  Christopher Columbus, from The Journal of Christopher Columbus (1492), on pages D-9 to D-10
  • Document 2.2:  Journal extract by Jacques Cartier on meeting the Micmac Indians (1534), on pages D-10 to D-11
  • Document 3.1:  John Smith, “The Starving Time” (1624), on page D-13
  • Document 3.2:  William Penn, Description of Pennsylvania (1681), on page D-14

Analyze the selected document to demonstrate what the document reveals about European attitudes toward the Americas.  Consider such topics as how they viewed the land, how they viewed the other people with whom they came into contact, how they viewed their reasons for the actions they took, and so on.  As you analyze this, do the following to complete your assignment:

Paper Length:  three word-processed pages, double-spaced

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