Doctor Mitch

June 8, 2022
Discussion questions
June 8, 2022

1-What is the difference between the sacred and the profane? Also, give one example of something sacred and one example of something profane.

2-What is the difference between authority and coercion? Give an example of each.

3-What are two of the five features of ritual, and how do they apply to a real-life ritual that you’re familiar with?

4-How is pluralism useful in preventing rebellion? What does pluralism look like in the United States?

5-Name one thing that would be different about our society if we had an animistic religion (how would animism affect how we treat the world)?

6-Discuss how one fuel of war we discussed has played a part in a real-life war that you’re familiar with.

7-What is the True Cost of the fast fashion industry? Talk about at least two factors that we don’t typically calculate when making our purchasing decisions. (This question is the most important one)

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