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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

Please read pages 161-218 and complete the following questions. Please be thorough. In order to receive all possible points your answers must be complete.

 I am looking for approximately (very important):one Double-spaced page of content for each of the four questions

Your answers must be in Microsoft Word, Double Spaced, Times New Roman 12 Point Font.

3.1 Q1 p173: What is epistemology? Make a list of some of the questions that this field of inquiry attempts to answer.

one Double-spaced page of content

3.2 Q5 p190: From this point on it is imperative that you understand the philosophical usage of the terms real and reality. (see glossary) Which of the following events would be real and which would solely experimental? (Be wary: definitions are crucial, and in some cases it is not an either/or decision. An idea Mr Spock (of Star Trek) A feeling of loneliness the state of Arizona An itch the state of euphoria Your car the sound of music An atom the Pythagorean theorem Pythagoras gravity A heartache the law of gravity A beautiful painting heat A dirty picture temperature A poem the office of the President of the United States A mirage The President of the United States The planet Mars the state The god Mars a sunset A scandal a scandal A toothache (in your wisdom tooth)

one Double-spaced page of content

3.3 Q4 p 204: What is a muglock? How does it differ from a dobo and a busana?

one Double-spaced page of content

3.4 Q1 p 215: Thomas Merton wrote: “No one is so wrong as the man who knows all the answers” (see marginal quote on p. 205). This may sound like a pearl or a truism. But is it essentially a true statement? In what sense is it true or untrue? Do you think Socrates would agree? (By the way, “knows all the answers” to what?)

one Double-spaced page of content



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